What are the cases made of?

♡The resin pieces are made using 2-part epoxy resin, acrylic paints and pigments, and glitter. The whip is 100% silicone mixed with oil paints.

Is the case protective?

♡This case is not intended to be protective, and is a decorative art piece for your phone or device. For phones, I recommend using a tempered glass screen protector for extra protection.

Is the case fragile?

♡Certain things will contribute to wear and tear of your phone case. Please refrain from picking at the whip and pieces excessively, and putting the phone in tight places, like a tight jeans pocket. Additionally, dropping the phone from high enough onto a hard surface could result in resin pieces breaking.

How do I clean my case?

♡Cases can be safely cleaned with warm or cool water, using a q-tip to clean the surface of the whip.

Can you make a custom case for my phone type?

♡I can make a custom case for nearly any phone type. Message me on instagram or send me an email at amyvie97 at gmail and I'll see what I can do!